Agentscape AG

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Agentscape AG, Germany is a Berlin-based high-tech SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) that develops and markets basic technology and solutions for dynamic personalisation and social-oriented intelligent business Agents. The company’s vision is that of a multi-agent system where personal agents (CybTMs) and provider agents (CyMONTM) communicate, negotiate and execute transactions in an autonomous manner, on behalf and in the interests of their owners.

Based on its software platforms, Agentscape AG is offering agent-based interactive content services and developing advanced agent-based commercial solutions for a number of customers in different vertical markets(for a list of references please visit The company targets at selected vertical markets that are related to text/audio/video mining, targeted / contextual information delivery and virtual consultant/representative self-service applications (e-Government, online knowledge games, mobile TV, automotive, finance).

Agentscape’s main role in OLDES is the implementation of a Semantic Targeting Engine based on content and user profiling and business-intelligence matching rules.

Dr. Stefan Covaci
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Tel: 49 (0) 30 590047813
Fax: 49 (0) 30 590047899