Centre d'Excellence en Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication - CETIC

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CETIC (Centre d’Excellence en Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication) is an Applied Research centre, focused on Information and Communication Technologies, created in 2001 as an initiative of the Polytechnic Faculty of Mons, the University of Namur, and the Catholic University of Louvain. CETIC positions itself as a R&D centre "serving the industry", being a connecting agent between academic research and enterprises, acting for technology transfer in software engineering and electronic systems. Through its research activities, CETIC strongly relies upon close collaboration with multiple university laboratories. The research areas of CETIC are Software Engineering (with a focus on software processes and products quality, requirements engineering, formal methods, and IT systems reverse engineering), Electronic Systems (hardware-software co-design, Wireless Technologies implementation and methodologies related to programming electronic cards (FPGA)), as well as Distributed Systems and Grid computing technologies, targeting high availability, mobility or high performance. CETIC has developed an important expertise in the development of ICT solutions in eHealth field. CETIC developed innovative Wireless communication modules for medical devices implementing emerging communication technologies. CETIC also developed embedded software toolchains for automated and smart data collection from medical devices and data transfer to centralised web based systems. CETIC has built a strong network of partners at regional and European level.