Local Health Authority of Bologna AUSL

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Its mission

The aim of the institution is promoting and protecting individual and collective health of the resident and however present population in its territory, to allow the best possible life, guaranteeing assistance basic levels how established by national and regional regulations.

Its main activities

  • qualifying the offered services and preventive, clinical and relief interventions, developing the capacity of analysing health needs of population, identifying priorities, assessing appropriateness and results of the carried out action;

  • qualifying access to all services of administration network, paying particular attention to equity and clearness of the access procedures, conformed to overall users problems;

  • rationalising offered services to improve productive processes efficiency, in order to use in best possible way available resources;

  • developing clinical and relief continuity system, adopting integrated organising and managerial solutions that allow to globally take care of beneficiary, in every phase of care route, also by a logic characterised by processes management;

  • Strengthening the territorial services capability to answer to the needs of the individuals and collectivity, improving home care and adequacy of the hospital admission activity, pursuing a coherent reduction of hospitalisation rate;

  • Pursuing the inter-institutional alliances system at local, regional, national and European level;

  • Placing itself as culture and learning production centre, by developing teaching and research activity both in territory and in hospital;

Its size:

  • 9.000 employers (professionals, officers, etc.)

  • 752 GPs 9 Hospitals (1.926 bed-sites)

  • 40 primary care trusts

  • 2.857 bed-sites for not able elderly people

  • 779 bed-sites for disabled people

  • area 2.914 Km2

  • 50 municipalities

  • 819.389 residents

Defining user needs and requirements and operational scenarios in cardiopathy pilot Leading in Evaluation, Validation and Test WP Leading role in cardiopathy pilot execution in Bologna a)Contact person for further information on OLDES activities

Nunzia Siena
Clinical Engineering of “Health Informatics and Telemedicine” Unit (Clinical Governance Staff)
Ph. 0039 516584959
Fax. 0039 516584923