Comune di Bologna

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a) The structure of the organisation:

Its mission

The aim of the institution is offering a wide range of public services to the citizens including the provision of an integrated system of social services by promoting equal opportunities schemes, non discrimination and citizens' rights, fighting social exclusion factors such as poverty, marginality and dependency induced by illness or disability as well as the integration of social and health care services.

In the project the following internal Departments are involved:

  • The Health Department and the Social Services Department that since 2007 have “merged” into a new overall department, namely “the Health and Social Co-ordination Department”;

  • The Social Services Unit of Savena District (Savena District is the territorial District of the Municipality where the pilot case in Bologna will occur);

  • The Information Services Department.


Its main activities

The Health and Social Co-ordination Department in involved in the project through its internal unit “The Healthy Cities and promotion of wellbeing” whose major tasks are as follows:

  • Co-operation activities with WHO and managing activities of international projects;

  • Managing activities of the “Italian Healthy Cities Network”;

  • Development and implementation of health care and health information projects at local level as well as at European level ;

  • Promotion and organisation of local events linked to WHO World Days devoted to specific themes.


Information Services Department:

  1. Promoting the use of new technologies inside and outside the Municipality;

  2. Managing innovative projects for supporting the provision of new services to all citizens through ICT.

b) Bologna Municipality’s role in OLDES:


  • Co-ordination of all Communication and Dissemination activities of the project;

  • Co-ordination of the working activities related to the pilots preparation and execution. Bologna Municipality leads the activities implemented for the trial in Bologna;

  • Co-ordination at local level of all actions relating to the implementation of all actions envisaged for the achievement of the project system.

c) Contact persons for further information on the OLDES project

Emanuela Pipitone

Local co-ordinator

Ph. 0039 051. 2195915

Fax. 0039 051. 2193768



Marzia Bettocchi

Contact person for dissemination and communication activities on OLDES

Ph. 0039 051 2195919

Fax 0039 051 2193768