The Project

OLDES is a EU co-funded project under the IST Programme that intends to offer new technological solutions to improve the quality of life of older people, through the development of a very low cost and easy to use entertainment and health care platform, designed to ease the life of the elderly in their homes.
Since the number of elderly people is increasing significantly and rapidly in all EU countries, creating substantial problems in terms of resources needed for assisting them, the OLDES project aims to plan and develop an innovative technological system for tele-assistance and tele-accompany, thanks to the joint work of 11 EU partners.

The Follow-up Project

SPES proposal aims at transferring the approach and results achieved in the implementation of the OLDES platform into 4 new geographical contexts (Ferrara, Vienna, Brno and Kosice), focusing on new target diseases (respectively dementia, handicapped people, respiratory problems and social exclusion). Patients will be supported in their homes by means of networked connections and services, contributing to the quality and the cost-effectiveness of their care, as well as to their independence.

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