The Project Technology

The OLDES platform architecture is based on a centralised service-oriented infrastructure.
The following functionalities are implemented:

  • Low Cost computer-based system. The elderly persons are provided with a low cost computer based system (the INK computer) which works as the access point for OLDES functionalities and services. The computer is connected to a classic television set which displays all the information provided by the platform through a simplified graphical user interface.
  • Adapted graphical user interface. The graphical user interface is especially designed to meet elderly person usability requirements. To select the options and access contents, elderly have an easy to use remote control.
  • Tele-health monitoring system. The elderly persons are provided with medical devices using Bluetooth technology. The INK computer installed in elderly person houses automatically collects the data measured by these devices and sends them to a central repository in a secured way.
  • Entertainment system. Through their INK computer, the elderly persons access entertainment services (tele-accompany):
    • Audio/video content. The elderly persons are able to access audio and video content.
    • Discussion groups. Using an adapted handset connected to the INK, the elderly persons are able to actively participate in discussion groups with an animator helping to create reactions and discussions.
    • Voice over IP calls. The elderly persons can call easily their relatives (using a classic PC connected to the internet) and friends connected to OLDES system using their INK and their handset.
  • Automated Health Decision Support System: The data stored in the central repository are automatically analysed by two different intelligent tools. The first one is based on fuzzy logic and the second one is based on a Support Vector Machine. These tools may generate a warning or an alarm if an abnormal situation about health or social condition of the patient is detected.
  • Web portal: Prototype alpha integrates a web portal which provides interfaces for:
    • System administrators,
    • GPs and professionals,
    • Discussion groups animators,
    • Tele-accompany members.

The figure shows a high level view of the OLDES architecture.

The Hub works as the connection point between the home systems, the carers (clinicians, tele-accompany operators, ...) and service providers and maintainers. While the elderly persons access Hub services through the INK computer, the other stakeholders may access OLDES functions through a unique web portal customised depending on their roles.