The Objectives of the Project

The number of older people in the EU is strongly increasing and the related burden in term of public expense is getting higher and higher, representing some of  the main reasons triggering the OLDES project ‘s idea.
Today more and more older people are living alone; in many cases those people are not supported by a “social/family network” capable of assisting them and in many other cases they hardly can afford private carers.
Getting inspiration from these facts, OLDES partners consortium is working  to plan and implement an innovative technological system, a low cost and easy to use platform able to provide a wider range of services to a higher number of elderly people, so to face the above mentioned situations.
The platform will be tested by 100 elderly people in Italy (10 of them affected by heart disease) and a sample of diabetics in Prague.

The OLDES main objectives are the following:

  • To develop a cost optimised shared technical solution;
  • To define the needs of elderly people and their families with the possibility of direct interaction with social welfare services;
  • To define a standardised and centralised procedure for delivering data and info on tele-care services;
  • To implement local activities;
  • To develop a result evaluation system.