The Activities of the Project

Partners contribute to the project implementation as summarised below:

  • ENEA-Brussels liaison office is the project’s co-ordinator. ENEA leads the overall administrative, technical and financial management of the project and all contacts with the European Commission.
  • COBO (The Municipality of Bologna) is in charge of the dissemination and communication actions on the project as well as of the co-ordination of the working activities related to the pilots planning/preparation and execution. COBO leads all actions implemented for the trial in Bologna.
  • CUP2000 is leading all working  activities linked to OLDES platform design and is in charge of the exploitation of the project as well. Cup2000 is involved in the preparation and execution of the pilot in Bologna.
  • UNIBO (The University of Bologna) is responsible for developing algorithms for health measurements and for providing the devices and sensors for the equipment and testing of 10 older persons suffering with cardiovascular disease.
  • AUSLBO (The Local Health Authority of Bologna) co-ordinates the working activities related to the OLDES evaluation, validation and test and is involved in the preparation and execution of the pilot in Bologna.
  • The University of Newcastle upon Tyne co-ordinates the project work package actions linked to the usage and provision models, system requirements and user engagement to ground the design of the OLDES architecture and system in the needs of older people, their carers and the network of service provision.
  • CETIC leads the software development and is mainly in charge of the design and the development of the communication system between the sensor modules and INK PC. CETIC is also responsible for developing core client-server applications used to offer communication services to the elderly i.e. the provision of (centralised) ASP modality, and embedded communicating and monitoring client application.
  • The Czech Technical University in Prague /CVUT is in charge of the development of the graphical user interface (GUI).
  • Charles University  in Prague co-ordinates the pilot on diabetics.
  • INK Media (Canada) is in charge of providing the low cost computers to be used for the trails in Bologna and Prague.
  • AGENTSCAPE is responsible for developing  behaviour alarm software for data analysis.